(1) TMT Bars

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. TMT bars are one of them most important construction materials that are widely used for building homes, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures. This is because TMT bars ensures high strength to the structures and improve their longevity. The properties of TMT bars include super ductility, superior strength, and weld ability. Moreover, TMT bars are earthquake resistant. This makes them ideal for use in construction industry.

(2) Angles

Angle bars are steel bars that are used as support for corners and outer rims that are used for various walls and surfaces. Angle bars are applied to surfaces using drilled fastening methods or through welding. Angle bars are usually L shaped, and when fitted together, can create inside angles and outside angles. These bars are used in order to offer a strengthened cross section or horizontal support to the structures being built. Without steel angle bars and steel reinforcement, a building’s foundation will collapse due to the pressure that concrete alone creates. Angle bars are especially useful in protecting edges and corners in order for them to hold their shape.

(3) MS Bars

Mild steel bars or MS Bars are used for tensile stress of RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) slab beams etc. in reinforced cement concrete work. These steel bars are plain in surface and are round sections of diameter from 6 to 50 mm. These rods are manufactured in long lengths and can be cut quickly and be bent easily without damage. Mild steel is used for remelting, alloying and manufacturing of fabrication of various structures. The Steel generally made of low Carbon and Silicon. The yield strength values are very low for Mild Steel; Therefore it is not used for special purpose of reinforcing and heavy structure manufacturing.

(4) Channels

Steel channels are used ideally as supports and guide rails. These are roll-formed products. There are certain variations that are available in the channels category, the categorization is mainly on the shape of the channel, the varieties are- J Channels, Hat channels, U channels, Hemmed channels etc. The steel angles are used in construction, appliances, transportation, making signposts, used in wood flooring for athletic purposes, installing and making windows and doors.